Long time coming

Interesting times. I’ve never been a writer but I’ve always felt that keeping a blog would be beneficial to me and my personal development. I never really lay out the day to day for people in my life, most likely because I think it’s relatively boring. I’ve tried and failed on more than one occasion to get started and keep it up but a million reasons and a million more excuses would always tie me up. I’m even writing this in an old draft I found where I tried to write down some thoughts. I’ve kept the remnants below for posterity. (I think I used that word properly) In any case some changes have happened and the opportunity seems to have come around to develop at least one good habit. My new hard rule is I’ll write when I want but I absolutely must write at least once a week. Guess we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll play a little catch up with a cliff notes of the past decade. (I’ll try to keep it short)

2011 – Graduated high school and got into college. SPSU

2012 – 1st year wrecked me. Learned what it means to really be on your own academics wise.

2013 – Same old same old. People come and go from school.

2014 – Personal stuff happened. Things are “OK”. Started an internship at a startup. First real working experience.

2015 – College still ongoing. I think at this point Kennesaw state is set to absorb SPSU. The real big thing is I get an internship at Macy’s Tech. This eventually evolves into a full time position in the fall. Very cool time of my life.

2016 – Meeting a lot of great people and learning so much in my first taste of real “corporate life”. Then a massive layoff hits. Pretty rough watching so many lose their jobs.

2017 – Get shuffled around. Move closer to the main office campus and start meeting a lot of cool people who are still friends today.

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2018 – Shuffled around again but this time get a position on my sisters old team! At this point i’ve dodged 2 layoffs. I also finally graduate after getting my rear in gear.

2019 – Accept a position in cybersecurity at macys. Worst decision ever but it got my sister a job back on a team she loves so I’m all for it.

2020 – Layoff #4 finally hits its target and I’m out. With a smile however as I get a nice severance and finish off a job I dislike. I take a month and find a new position at SunTrust (or Truist) just in time for the world to go to hell. Coast that pandemic life.

And here we are in 2021. That should make up for a bunch of missed posts maybe. I’ll likely touch on some of those years in future posts. It’s weird talking about some of these things since you never know who is reading these things. Now that we’re here i may as well get this week out of the way.

It’s been little more than a year at Truist now. I’ve worked with some very cool people and have had a very awesome manager to work under. I am a contractor though and our clock is always ticking. I had until end of 2021 but now it’s end of 2022. Just hire me already. But what really bums me out is my awesome manager is leaving. I should be happy since she is retiring but can’t help but be a little selfish. I wished her all the best and said it was an absolute pleasure working with her. I envy those who look at uncertainty with excitement as I’m always worried about what happens next.

I’d better cut this off here. While there is plenty more to say, none of it is really resonating with me right now. No one is reading this now, but maybe in the future or after I’m gone someone will see this. Whoever you are, I hope my life is interesting enough to look through. I’ll do my best to make it that way.

Also like I promised, here is that old draft. Man I really do suck at writing.

“It’s writing time!

Sup everyone and no one! You probably know who I am if you are looking at this page. As it stands, I’m the only visitor to this page but maybe that’ll change in the future. I’ll be doing quite a few catch up posts since so much has happened. Never been a writer but I think that is mostly me overthinking what to write. I’m thinking of letting pictures guide the post. “

Decided to throw some pics here too.