Career Shakeup

Super interesting stuff coming up. Not really but I really just wanted to put my thoughts down on where I am with my career. Things are shaking up and I got a lot of thoughts rushing around. It’s funny to think about just how big of a role your job plays in your life to what role it plays in essentially defining where you just may end up.

I spoke in my last post about my job situation and how my manager is retiring. It has sort of put this level of uncertainty in my my on how the future is going to look. Truth is I did relatively enjoy the level of work and responsibility here. I was able to improve myself and build some relatively cool things. I worked with some very nice people who always appreciated what I had built. Now the person who brought me on as a resource is leaving and not only that, the other “Higher up” going to bat for me may also leave before the year end. Everyone who interviewed me and brought me on is leaving or has left the team. Who is to say if or when the manager position is filled with another person. And if it is, will my value be apparent?

On top of that I don’t think I can really be a contractor for much longer. The idea of time off being a huge loss of money is tough to swallow. Just the way I was raised I guess. I want to get another job, but I still believe the way I develop solutions is still janky and not impressive to look at. I never really got good fundamentals down and learned as I went. This is tough and the fact that I never worked in a place with any real development processes, I’m definitely playing catch up in multiple ways.

I have to keep improving but I’m starting to get exhausted. This is too much at once and I’m wondering how long I can keep this up. I’ll keep trucking away though. I feel like I care too much about things that will likely work out but I’ve always been a worrier. One more thing to work on I suppose.

I don’t want every post to be a downer so here are some things I’m excited about coming up.

I’m going to get a pet bird! This will be the first real pet I own myself. I bought a really cool geometric cage for it! I’m looking at British Budgies! Very cool birds that can talk to you and look like huge parakeets! We’re going to this huge flea market that has a breeder there. We’ll see how that goes as that place can get pretty packed. A few friends and I are also planning a trip to New York. It’s going to be a lot of people so I hoping it will be relatively smooth time. I’ll leave it at that for now since I’m more or less running out of steam here.

See you in the next one!