Play the music low

Hangin at the coffee shop again listening to pop songs picked by someone who is obviously a good 6-8 months behind the trends. Luckily my last class got cancelled due to an ill professor. What i’m definitely not looking forward to is the root canal i have scheduled for tomorrow. Not looking forward to that at all. The oral b came a little too late I guess. I’m also pretty terrible at keeping my mouth clean so yeah… ¬†As much as i hate pain some short term pain is better than a lost tooth. Met an old classmate today in the coffee shop. Spending a lot of time here now that I think about it. Tried biking this last Sunday and failed miserably :(. Ill keep trying to get my butt in shape. Hopefully as i keep this blog up ill stop writing in crappy short sentences.

Moses out.

^i’ll probably cringe at this closeout later in life.

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